Yesterday I mentioned my idea to create a new pool for the game: Resource points or RP. As I wrote earlier, I am aware of the danger of adding another piece of bookkeeping to the game, but I am willing to try it out.

RP will be used to fuel Sorceries and shamanisms, swordsman knacks and swordsman abilities as well as have some more general uses for every one. the sorceries, shamanisms, knacks and swordsman schools will have to be redone from the bottom up, but here are some of my ideas for more general uses:

– A RP can replace an Action die when taking an interupt action without a saved action, making a interupt parry cost one AD and one RP.

– Using a RP allows the player to make a roll without applying crippled penalties.

– an RP point can be spent to automaticaqlly succeed on a wound roll – I’m a bit wary of this last one, as it could turn RP into extra “hit points” and thus making them to valuable to use on other stuff, such as exciting attacks and stuff.

These are very combat-centric, I hope to find more peacefull things to use them for as well, as well as adding them to the social combat system presented in Noblesse Oblige.

How many RP
Every Char. starts with a number of RP equal to his highest stat. but you cannot hold more RPs at any time than twice your lowest stat or your highest stat, whichever is the highest (to stop people from hoarding them).

the GM starts with RP equal to twice the number of players.

Gaining and regaining RP
– At the start of a new adventure, RP reset to the highest stat.

– At the begining of any conflict, all PCs gain an extra RP, the GM gains one RP per player

– at the succesfull conclusion of any conflict, the PCs gain one RP each.

All of the above is very much on the idea stage, so any suggestions and/or thoughts would be wildly appreciated. I can be reached via E-mail, or on Revenant’s message board.