I haven’t forgotten this if anyone out there is listening, rather the other way around. In the beginning of this month we played our first session of 7th Sea. Most of these rules came into play, and the overall evaluation was positive.

Resource points worked well, generally saw much use, the enemy with feint was a great terror whenever he spend that RP. I’m worried that they will be to much alternate HP, making players not spend them offensively for fear of becoming crippled or losing all their actions. however that this element gave a player an idea for a character I still found positive. it is not a problem with this group, but a more gamist oriented group it might turn out a problem.

Parrying TN works well in general, making combat much more back and forth, and making a parry seem like a lot more rational solution.

XP system was a great success! It made the players far more likely to try and use their skills, also in combat, low rating combat knacks saw more use, and it was agreed, that non-rolled knack uses still give a tick (in this case it was whirl). We also agreed, that 10 ticks give one XP at any time it is not reserved for resting or end of combat.

I don’t think there were any real problems.

The only suggestion that was made is that one of my players would like certain swordsman knacks (tagging and beat) were mentioned specifically, to use other traits for attacking (panache for tagging and Brawn for Beat) I am however worried that this will make these knacks too powerful and make the 4 Brawn, 1 finesse Eisen too powerful, to take an obvious example. I’m conflicted, it might work well in many groups, but I’m afraid what would happen if w, unlikely as that might be got another player with a another mindset.

We also agreed to adapt Exalted’s very rigid “stunt” system, that should be easily done.

To do
the big one: re-engineer the “social combat” system as well as the repartee system to run on RP.

can be saved for later, but in fact DAMN huge: rebuild the sorcery system around RP, in the process clean the sorceries up a bit (most are fine, but some, mostly Lærdom are strange/weird) I think I’ll try to do a post on Lærdom soon.