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As we will most likely never get a new edition of 7th Sea this blog is my playground for toying with the system and in the end create a "new edition" of the game.

7th Sea is obviously a trademark of Alderac entertainment.

New Swordsman School after character creation

System Posted on Tue, August 28, 2012 10:23:23

I think this is too expensive, and I think the “initiate” rules in Swordsman’s Guild did it the wrong way around.

costs 20 XP, sets mastery at 0, and grants the ability to use the apprentice ability of the school, as well as any Swordsman knacks in the school you have from other schools. If you have a similar apprentice ability the price is reduced to 15 XP

Onwards to Apprentice
Every swordsman knack costs 5XP once you have them all you are an apprentice. Exploit Weakness gains a 1XP discount for every tick the char has in the relevant Knowledge i.e. it you have full knowledge of the school you get EW (SS) for free.

Exploit Weakness

System Posted on Thu, August 23, 2012 13:49:12


EW was originally made to match the fight scene between Wesley and Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride it is a great scene, and the entire “I know this style, therefore your style is insufficient”, “Ah, but I know this to counteract it” banter is definitly a thing to use in 7th Sea.

However as the number of schools exploded, the use of a single specific EW became less and less. the swordsman guild book tried to make that somewhat less so, but it still didn’t work.

However dropping EW isn’t attractive either because it takes away the trope of the “secret school” that noone can really defend against.

So I’m dividing EW into two parts the EW (SS) knacks and knowledge of a school.

Exploit Weakness (Swordsman School)
This knack is now a measure of your ability to use the advantages of a school against the disadvantages of another. thus the knack gives a bonus of unkept dice to all rolls against a swordsman using a school you have Knowledge of, while you are using the school the knacks is bassed in. it also reduces the EW of the opponent who is using a school you have Knowledge of.

I.e. two characters with similar styles, equal EW in the styles they are using, and both having Knowledge of the others style, will have no advantage against each other. (this is simply to reduce the number of dice rolled, and to represent that a master is also better at covering up the flaws of his style than a apprentice).

(I’m considering renaming the knack Mastery, it sounds better, and implies a more general facility with the advantages of the style)

Knowledge (Swordsman School)
Having Knowledge of a school allows you to use your EW (SS) against him. Knowledge is binary (so far), either you have it or you don’t.

to gain Knowledge of a school you need to gather five “ticks” in it. There are two ways of gathering “ticks”:

1) Fight a user of the school in a serious fight gives one tick.

2) Spending a day studying the style (training manuals, sparring, or just hanging around the school observing the students), allows you to spend one XP to gain one tick. (The XP cost is to prohibit a swordsman from going crazy in a month of downtime and having mastered all schools in the area.)

Individuals with no school have their own style giving Knowledge (Opponent). If they later learn a style, you need to get to know that style.

Grandmastery combinations are their own Knowledge, however you start with two ticks if you know one of the styles in the combination, three if you know two.

Is the above even intelligeble for anyone else than me?


Fluff Posted on Sun, August 19, 2012 11:56:08

Simply put, the meta-plot is out, a lot of the NPCs will probably be de-powered.

This is mostly because I find the meta-plot de-protagonizing making the actual heroes of the world a bunch of high-powered NPCs.

Part of the problem here is of course also that the players start at “low levels” I might want to look at Character creation making players start at Journeyman level instead of apprentice.

RP revisited

System Posted on Fri, August 17, 2012 10:50:00

If a character is in any way forced to spend a RP, by a swordsman knack or the like, and he has none, he will instead lose a AD if in combat, outside of combat the player is crippled for the rest of the scene.

A RP can be used once per round to postpone a wound check to the end of the current round.

I’ve also realized, that I probably want to remake the social combat system to run on RP instead of “social wounds”


System Posted on Fri, August 17, 2012 10:46:19

A character hit with Corps-a-corps can spend a RP to avoid being knocked down.


System Posted on Wed, August 08, 2012 12:28:59

I might have misunderstood something,, but to my eyes feint was always a bit off. attacking wits, made it very hard to use against exactly those types it was needed against. this might make sense, it shouldn’t be easy to negate another char’s advantage that they had paid well for, but then Beat is a far better knack to use against high wits / panache chars that parry a lot, the characters that you might want to use Feint on are also quite hard to feint against.

So my suggestion for feint:

Feint (Swordsman knack)
by spending one RP on an attack roll, the attacker can reduce the TN to be hit of the opponent by 3*his rank in the Feint knack against that attack only.

I was considering only a factor of 2, but spending a Ressource should give some Ooomph to the action.


System Posted on Tue, August 07, 2012 10:52:04

Knacks aren’t really good enough, in general traits are far better, this is good, but I have two rules that modify this a bit.

High Knacks

a knacks of 3 or 4 allows the char to make one raise after the roll is made. Ie. if the char has made a good roll, he can take a raise afterwards.

A knack of 5 or 6 allow two raises to be made after the roll

Instead of any decent NPC doctor being an utter genius, the NPC-only advantage Specialist allows the NPC to have one speciality skill, any roll with knacks in that skill are made (Trait+knack)K(knack).


System Posted on Tue, August 07, 2012 10:42:33

I understand why the parrying rules were made as they are, but to me, they seem inconsistent with the rest of the rules. it is one of the only places where you get a flat advantage out of a roll without calling raises.

Thus all attacks now have a TN to parry equal to 5+5*attack knack. this brings it in line with other things in the system.

The attacker can make raises to the attack roll to make the attack harder to parry, one raise on the attack forces one raise on the parry roll.

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